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The greatest wealth hack in commercial real estate is working for someone who’s exceptionally good and at the top of their game.

If you add value and impress these elite performers, you’re set for life.

But landing those roles is tough.

So instead, listen to CRE Talks.

It’s the next best thing to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the A-list players.

This is a big shortcut for you because we assemble and then transfer to you the knowledge, insights, and perspectives of accomplished CRE people who generously share what they know with you so you can zoom ahead. Subscribe below.

P.S. Hosting CRE Talks is such a wonderful gig. I get to ask really smart people all kinds of questions. And when you ask smart people questions, and apply what you discover, you become a lot smarter and insightful too. My short term goal is
to get better. My long term goal is to get better. And whatever I learn along the way, I’ll pass on to you here.